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Drain Cleaning in The Coeur d Alene Area
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Drain Line Facts For Your Home
  • Many Coeur d Alene homeowners do not know that your kitchen sink  and laundry drains are connected
    in multiple places and what happens in one, can affect the other.

  • Your toilet and tub usually shares the same drain. If you have a line blockage and not a fixture blockage it
    could affect more than one of them.

  • If you have a line blockage and not a fixture blockage it could affect more than one item. Immediately turn
    all water off. Put a bucket under the drain pipe big enough to catch about a half gallon of water. Unscrew
    the two joint nuts near the bottom of the “J” trap. Your missing item should still be in there.

  • Do not use acid-based products to clear grease clogs in you sink drains. They will at best melt the grease
    and it will just re-solidify farther down the line. A bleach based product or a product that will change the
    grease into CO2 + water are far superior. Plus they are also much safer to keep under the sink with
    small children and pets around.
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